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Current Issue

September-December 2022| Vol 1| Issue 3

Original Article

Study of coagulopathy in preterms: A prospective observational study

BACKGROUND: A lack of evidence surrounding the assessment of coagulation abnormalities in neonates points to an urgent need to have a consensus on normal values based on gestation and postnatal...

Original Article

A portrait of COVID-19 pandemic among pediatric patients in South India: An observational study

INTRODUCTION: In a report from Kerala, 7% of coronavirus disease (COVID)-positive patients were constituted by children less than 10 years old. This observational study gives a glimpse to the p...

Case Report

Applied genetics in pediatric practice: Case series on pseudohypoaldosteronism

Systemic pseudohypoaldosteronism (PHA) type I is a rare genetic disorder resulting from mutations in the subunits of the epithelial sodium channel that manifests as severe salt wasting, hyperkalemia, ...

Case Report

Imaging clues for an early diagnosis of Nipah encephalitis, a new epidemic alert—2021

We report an interesting case of viral encephalitis where neuroimaging and a careful clinicoepidemiologic correlation led to the diagnosis, and we could alert the public health facilities to take meas...

Case Report

Siblings with Scheie syndrome

Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) are a group of inherited lysosomal storage disorders. Mucopolysaccharidosis type 1 (MPS-1) results from mutation of the IUA gene on chromosome 4p encoding alpha-L-iduronida...

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